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This week we have an online video communications tool to place in the spotlight. 

It’s called LOOM, and the platform provides a video recorder, screen and web capture tool to narrate and instantly share videos to communicate with your staff, clients or team.

Marvellous thing is it is  100% free for educators!

The LOOM website provides the following information about how the application can be used.

Use Cases

Loom is incredibly flexible in use cases with Full Desktop Recording, Front Facing Camera, or Tab Only:

  • Executives use it for company updates and building culture.

  • Designers for giving feedback and design walkthroughs.

  • Product Managers use it for new initiative pitches and team stand up.

  • Marketers use it for creating new feature assets and collecting testimonials.

  • Sales uses it for lead generation and email communication.

  • Teachers use it for lesson recaps and student presentations.

  • Engineers use it for bug documentation and code comments.

  • Customer Care uses it for FAQ videos and real time support.

Product Specs

  • High-Quality Video

  • Unlimited Storage: No need to worry about re-recording videos, quotas, or running out of space on your computer.

  • Embed Anywhere: We instantly generate Embed HTML so you can put it anywhere on the internet you’d like!

  • MP4 Format: The video is available for download as an MP4. We handle converting the video for you on our servers so you can simply download and use anywhere.

  • Unlimited Recording: With no limitations you can record for hours at a time if you’d like. Pause/Start functionality.



We are always looking for ways to keep cost down for our clients and we take a practical approach to design.


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