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by | Jan 8, 2023 | Free elearning Resources, Screen Capture Tools


We are working on a project for Kelston Deaf Education Centre in Auckland at the moment, updating older CD based resources for Deaf students into online resources for teacher, student and parent use.

For this project, we developed using an animation tool called Hippani Animator as our HTML animation studio tool.

At first glance the interface seems dated but don’t be fooled. The program comes packed with functionality and has a powerful inbuilt Javascript and image resource editor for in-development resource editing.

The company promotes the program for making scalable interactive animation, complex games, videos, presentations, apps and multimedia websites.  It also boasts that users can publish on more web browsers and more devices than any other HTML5 animator.

 Hippani Animator is a Windows only desktop software application that has  a two tiered price:

Starter Edition: Free

Professional Edition : $50 (USD)

Link to their website 

I made the mistake by equating price to functionality and did  I get that wrong !.  This piece of software has exceeded all of our expectations.


Let me know if you would like us to develop something more specific for your Docebo use. API development options are available as well.

Happy eLearning Designing !


We are always looking for ways to keep cost down for our clients and we take a practical approach to design.


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