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Video production can be a costly business  with quick project creep and a blown production budget.

 This week we showcase WeVideo, an affordable video production online studio that is great in its simplicity and even greater in its cost! 

I have added this handy tool to our elearning toolbox or must-have tools.

Create your own in-house professional-quality business videos in minutes using  video from a  phone, computer or tablet.

That’s how easy it is!

WEVIDEO is a Cloud-based platform that provides all the tools required for putting the power of video creation horsepower directly onto your business computers and mobile devices

There is a free version with a two-tier commercial option. Starting at $US 7.99 dollars per month, you can give up on one  coffee and muffin!

WeVideo Features

  1. Storyboard Editing
  2. Advanced text editing
  3. Cloud storage
  4. Multi-track editing
  5. Voiceover recorder
  6. Cross platform
  7. Licensed music
  8. Video recorder
  9. Customizable environment
  10. Built-in graphics
  11. Media management
  12. Tutorial videos

 Click here to sign up to a FREE Account 

Let’s see how it works

Happy Designing !


We are always looking for ways to keep cost down for our clients and we take a practical approach to design.


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