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As you know, elearning development can be a costly, laborious activity prone to delays and scope creep.

You start with a template and halfway through the project the boss says, nah , don’t like the template or layout anymore – change it …….

Ever try to do this in Storyline? 

Now just imagine if you can simply login online and start developing 

This week we have a paid on-line authoring and publishing solution to place in the spotlight. 

It’s calleDominKnow, and the platform provides a web-based All-in-one authoring and publishing for small teams and large organizations.

“The dominKnow eLearning authoring platform includes all the features you need to create engaging, media rich learning experiences. Customizable testing, flexible interaction and animation creation, advanced variables, image editing, audio/video recording, and system and author created templates are just a few examples of the powerful tools at your fingertips.”

The DominKnow website provides the following information about how the application can be used.

Use Cases

  • Sales Training

  • Compliance

  • Soft Skills

  • Healthcare

  • Software Simulations

Product Specs

With mobile devices being used more and more than the only “computer in my pocket” device Dominknow provide responsive scalability that allows users to access content on any device

All authoring modes allow team members to work together in real-time, share content across any project, and quickly bring in subject experts for content review.

The three modes are described in the graphic below

 More importantly DominKnow provides standards-based publishing.  Everything you make is HTML5-based, and can be published as SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, AICC or even xAPI (TinCan API) packages.




Let me know if you would like us to develop something more specific for your Docebo use.

Happy DominKnow trialing ! 


We are always looking for ways to keep cost down for our clients and we take a practical approach to design.


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